Mailing Address
PO Box 185
Ojai, CA 93024 | Phone: 805 646 2094
Fax: 805 646 6037
Box Office
Phone: 805 646 2053
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Administrative Office
201 South Signal Street
Ojai, CA 93023
For private commercial deliveries only. No USPS.

Tamara Nuzzaci Park
Executive Director (ext. 101)

Hanna Day
General Information (ext. 100)

Jeannine Cobb (ext. 107)

Elaine Martone
Festival Producer (ext. 103)

Gillian McManus
Operations Director (ext. 109)

Anna Cho Wagner
Director of Development (ext. 105)

Marketing & Communications
Gina Gutierrez 
Director of Marketing & Communications (ext. 104)

Caitlin Praetorius
Patron Services Manager (ext. 106)

Andy Radford
Bravo! Education Coordinator (ext. 100)


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