Meet The 2015 Holiday Home Look In Designers

Each year the Holiday Home Look In welcomes local designers and florists, each of whom are assigned a home on the tour and tasked with bringing their own vision of décor and the holidays to life. This year, designers Digs Floral and Botanical Designs, Angela’s Flowers, Kitty Bartholomew, and Teri Formanek and Sandy Sylslack will be showcased. And if you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, you can do so online here >>

The Digs design team returns by popular demand to embellish Blue Heron, a beautiful home in Rancho Matilija – this time with an array of multicultural holiday décor. When asked which holiday they would like to focus on, Digs’ designers agreed that they are truly inspired by them all. The florals throughout the home will honor several holiday traditions, some of which have roots in other parts of the world. The homeowner’s travels, experiences and interior design aesthetic have also inspired the floral décor.


Angela’s Flowers
has been a local institution since 1978, providing Ojai and Ventura residents with fresh and original floral arrangements for every occasion. Irma C. Murillo is the current owner and this year will take charge of decorating Rancho Sunset for the tour. She first started working at Angela’s while a sophomore in high school. It was her first job and honestly believes it will be her last – she loves what she does so much it doesn’t seem like work, and has been with the business for more than 20 years.


Kitty Bartholomew launched her television decorating career on ABC’s “The Home Show,” which she followed with hosting her own “Kitty Bartholomew: You’re Home” on HGTV for eight years. A frequent guest on “Oprah” she authored two books, Decorating Style and Designer Knitting. Now blissfully living in Ojai, Kitty volunteers as prop master for local theater productions. You can find her at yard sales on Saturdays and refurbishing items to sell in her window space at Treasures of Ojai. She’ll be adding her design touches to Rising Sun.


Sisters Sandy (left) and Teri (right) are part of the family collaboration that resulted in Oak View Sanctuary. Everything from the tiling, to the lighting, to a hand-carved headboard has been specially chosen and/or created for the house by the family. The house and its décor is truly a testament to artistic vision and the boundless potential of collaboration – especially with members of your own family!


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