Ojai Musicians Perform at the Ojai Holiday Home Tour

Helping get guests into the festive mood at the Ojai Holiday Home Tour will be performances by Ojai’s talented artists and ensembles, who have generously donated their time during the annual fundraising event. Enjoy music from a mix of performers during the weekend of November 16-17 at all the four homes throughout the day.

Saturday, November 16

Foothill Farms    
10 AM               Fern Barishman, piano
11 AM               Ray Magee and Friends, country western swing
1   PM               Joan Enguita Willingham, vocal
2   PM               Craig Lincoln, guitar vocal
3   PM               Fern Barishman, piano 

Tuscan Ranch 
10  AM              Paul Harkins, vocal & guitar
12  PM              Celtic Nut with Byle Family
2    PM                              

El Sombrero       
10  AM              Licity Collins, guitar & vocal
12  PM              Audrey McPherson, flute & Fran Malinoff, violin
2    PM              Zed Fries, guitar

Wall House          
10  AM             Sierra Farrar, violin
12  PM              Lorin Hart, vocal & guitar
2    PM              Ruby Skye, acoustic duo

Libbey Park 
10  AM             Santa Barbara Community Flute Ensemble
12  PM             Madrigali
2-3 PM             Lyra Quartet, vocal

Sunday, November 17

Foothill Farms   
10   AM             Timothy Pearson
12   PM             Fern Barishman, piano
2     PM             Lizzy Gilbert, flute     

Tuscan Ranch  
10    AM           Kylie Cloutier, flute
12    PM           Ray Magee and Friends, country western swing
2      PM           Babette and Bob, folk

El Sombrero     
10   AM            David Cosby, guitar
12   PM            Licity Collins, guitar & vocal
2     PM            Zed Fries, guitar

Wall House           
10  AM             Louis Grace, oboe
12  PM              Lorraine MacDonald, shamisen
2    PM              Sierra Farrar, violin  

Libbey Park
10  AM              Ruby Skye, acoustic duo
12  PM              Ray Sullivan, guitar
2    PM              Jess Wayne, vocal & guitar

**Schedule and artists subject to change **