The Music Van

The annual Music Van, under the Festival’s BRAVO program, rolled into the Ojai Valley public elementary schools and two Ventura-area schools during the month of March.

Led by Music Van coordinator Lynne Dougherty, Music Van volunteers shared instruments with the students encouraging them to give them a try! The results were exciting, surprising and full of joy!

Special thanks to Santa Barbara Symphony for the use of their Music Van and to Cindy Pitou Burton for capturing moments of the children and the volunteers.

“Thank you for teaching me about some new instruments and how to play them. I really liked the violin because it relaxed me, and it made me feel so good somehow.”

–Jade, 4th grade

 “My favorite instrument is the violin. I like the violin because you can use your fingers to make noise. I also love the trumpet and you can also make noise.” –Sienna, 5th grade

“Thank you for letting us play the instruments. My favorite is the bass because I like the ‘Jaws’ music.” –Angel, 5th grade