2018 BRAVO Summer Music and Arts Camp

A note from Laura Walter, BRAVO Coordinator, about BRAVO Music and Arts Camp 2018:
Our first ever BRAVO Summer Music and Arts Camp was a great success! Children and adults played, sang, made unique art, and listened to a storyteller. We also got to experiment with an unusual instrument—the Theremin.

Through play and exploration, we created a community of learners that focused on beauty, movement, language, and kindness. We were able to sing harmonies, including works by Tallis and Brahms. The children were thrilled with their own beautiful singing.

Thanks to the Ojai Arts Commission and

Parent Comments: 

In what way do you think the camp has had an impact on your child? 

“This camp has had a wonderful impact on my child. Even though difficult, he grew with every new challenge.”


“She has made new friends and is more confident singing.”


“She was very nervous and fearful, the compassionate leaders were so supportive and kind. She ended up feeling confident and proud.”


What surprised you about the camp? 

“The caring and concern. I knew the music would be the best and it was, but I didn’t expect such kind attention and care when my daughter was struggling.” 


“How many children take part and the instructors’ enthusiasm.” 


“The tactile rewards other than music, i.e., the crafts and the awesome t-shirts.” 


“That they were so accommodating to the needs of the children. If the children did not enjoy an activity, the instructors filled the time with other activities.”

Special thanks to Fred Rothenberg for images.