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Walt Disney Hall Concert Trips

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$225 for member, spouse or significant other
$275 non-members and guests. Become an OFWC member for $45 and enjoy the savings and more! Click here

Cost includes concert ticket, bus transportation with drinks and snacks, all gratuities, dinner, and donation to OFWC. Space is limited to 22 per trip. Tickets are transferrable and not refundable.


Watercolor & Wine



Trip to Palm Springs & Sunnylands



Please join us as we kick off a new year with your friends in OFWC! It’s a perfect time to come and meet new members and reconnect with members you may have not seen for awhile.

OFWC member Lore Exner is hosting this event at her beautiful home and gardens in upper Ojai and will be preparing a delicious traditional Bavarian feast!

Bring New Friends!
Bring a friend who might be interested in joining OFWC. It’s a great way to get involved in the community and support the Ojai Music Festival and its BRAVO education programs. And of course, we have fun throughout the year with interesting trips, lectures, and events!

Wednesday, September 27
Home of Lore and Ted Exner
(Location to be given with registration)
$30 per person


Live Your Best Life From The Inside Out



















Cooking Class

Come join Chef Robin Goldstein as she demonstrates and shares her cooking wisdom and tastes of her Moroccan inspired menu.

Chicken tagine with artichoke hearts

Sweet couscous with caramelized onions, raisins and cinnamon

Bastilla – Morocco’s famous chicken pie

Date filled shortbread  

Minted green tea with cardamon

All menus are subject to slight changes depending on seasonal availability.

Each participant receives recipes and a tasting of the foods prepared.

About Robin Goldstein

OFWC member, Robin Goldstein is a California chef who works her culinary magic combining unique flavor and spices with local seasonal produce and product, to create an unforgettable culinary experience for the palate and on the plate, in private homes and public venues.

Known as “Private Chef Robin” to celebrity and private clients alike, Robin has made a career of providing an intimate, home-cooked experience that is anything but traditional home-cooked food. Robin uses classic techniques she honed at the Culinary

Institute of America in New York. Through travel and living abroad for a number of years, she has developed and fine-tuned her

California-Mediterranean cooking style, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern flavors.

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Nonviolence: Practical Possibility or Pipe Dream?


The discussion will begin with a brief examination of theories that attempt to explain the genesis of human violence. It will then turn to an examination of the philosophical foundations of non-violence followed by historical examples of non-violent implementation (Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Abdul Ghaffar Khan). It will conclude with a discussion of the practical possibilities and challenges of a non-violent approach to conflict.

Bill Garlington, PhD, has  B.A. and M.A. in History from UCLA, and a PhD in Asian Studies and Sociology from the Australian National University. He has taught at all academic levels on three continents and carried out sociological/anthropological fieldwork in India. His main academic interests are the Sociology of Religion and the History of Ideas.