2012 Audience Survey

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Why is the Ojai Festival Experience Important to You?

First-Time Attendees

I can’t answer above because of the way it is phrased.  I have attended parts of the Ojai Festival for years and years.  This was my first time to coming to the entire Festival.    Importance:  its intimacy, its adventure, its level of music making, its friendliness, its sweetness.

Unique, superb programming, setting, superior talent.   A friend encouraged me to come, and cultivated high expectations. They were exceeded. I was surprised, delighted and enraptured with each performance – It seemed each one more than the last. Thank you! I will come back!

It was important to me because of the quality and expressiveness of the music. The attitude of the festival was one of openness and willingness to expand on a musical level and maybe even an expansion of consciousness in general.

An artistic experience is priceless!

2-3 Year Attendees

We moved here two years ago and can’t really claim the experience is important to us. It’s important to the town, the venue, the musicians, the concert-going public, but not to us. Our experience this year was wonderful – the closing performance and the astonishing Inuksuit were thrilling. We’re simply not into overall festival attendance as an experience.

Our family enjoys the combination of new and old music, especially when presented with the talks and insights.  Great education along with great entertainment.  Our two high school age kids have, over the years we have been going, gained an increased interest and appreciation for the Festival and the music.  The talks help a lot!  We are very grateful for the cheap student ticket prices!  That has enabled us to get our kids hooked.  (It takes more than one year to make that happen.)

I like the variety of activities. Late night performances were a great addition for me. I felt even more intimate for me. Loved Friday night’s late performance especially. I like the different works performed. Lots of variety but all had a nice adventurous spirit. I like hearing classical music in this beautiful place, with the birds chirping (including the swallow) and the crickets/frogs at night. You don’t get that at the Disney Hall, that’s for sure! Love it!

4+ Years Attendees

It’s very entertaining and educational.  It keeps us in touch with the people of Ojai.  It informs us about new trends in world music.  It makes us proud of Ojai.  It’s inspiring and lifts our spirits.

Hearing really interesting music and artists I might not otherwise hear, presented in an incredibly well-curated way (all concerts inter-related in many ways, intelligently collected as an artistic whole). It is a festival that does not try to pander to the audience, yet is not a pretentious and alienating “contemporary music” festival, as Tom Morris alludes to in his introduction in the program book.

It intensifies my appreciation and understanding of contemporary music and give such a sense of intimacy with the artists.

Since 1988 has been the number one most important event of any Ojai cultural arts programs. Thank you for the finest musical experience I can imagine. OMF will have a bright future – 66 more years into 2078. Yes we can!

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