Transcendent and immersive musical experiences that spark joy,
challenge the mind, and ignite the spirit.


Enable artists and inquisitive audiences to engage with one another around adventurous programming in the intimate setting of Ojai and reach out beyond the Festival and the Ojai community throughout the year to connect with broader audiences.

Board of Directors
Jerrold L. Eberhardt, Chairman of the Board
Barry Sanders, Vice-Chair Governance 
Michele Brustin, Vice-Chair Development 
Cathryn Krause, Secretary
Stephan Farber, Treasurer
Jamie Bennett
NancyBell Coe
Michele Edelman
Cheree Edwards, OFWC President
Ruth Eliel
Frederick B. Fisher
Greg Grinnell
Glenn Mercer
Don Pattison
Maurice Singer
Bridget Tsao Brockman
Hope Tschopik Schneider
Neil Selman
Merrill Williams

Artistic & Executive Director
Ara Guzelimian 

Board of Governors
William J. Shanbrom, Co‐Chair
Kate Barnhart, Co‐Chair
Barbara Barry
Margaret Bates
Marjorie Beale
Sue Bienkowski
Merrill Blau
Steven Block
Bret Bradigan
Thomas Brod
Pamela Burton
Hyon Chough
Jill Cohen
Barbara Delaune Warren
Penny Donnelly
Kathy Drummy
James Drummy
William Duxler
Constance Eaton
Lisa Field
Bernie Greenberg
Richard Hertz
Linda Joyce Hodge
Scott Johnson
Moe Krabbe
Leslie Lassiter
Luther Luedtke
Raulee Marcus
Sharon McNalley
Pamela Melone
David Nygren
David Oxtoby
Ron Phillips
Barry Schifrin
Abby Sher
Greg Smith
Anne-Marie Spataru
Esther Wachtell
Gary Wasserman
Jane Weirick
Blake Wilson

Directors Emeritus
Rick Gould, MD
Joan Kemper
Stephen J.M. Morris


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