2018 Audience Survey Results

Each year, the Festival provides the unique opportunity for artists and audiences alike to explore new artistic depths. Part of this synergistic creative process is the conversation that surrounds the Festival. Your input is priceless as we strive to create an ever-evolving festival experience! 

We sent out the survey to apx. 800 email addresses, receiving a 46% response rate.  

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Read comments of audience members favorite Festival moments! Thank you to those who participated in our survey for your helpful insight. We are honored that you joined us for the 72nd Ojai Music Festival and hope to see you again in 2019! 

New Patrons

“I had a great time. The town was wonderful, friendly, and helpful. The venues were excellent. Sound was amazing. The talks were excellent. And the music was spectacular. I had heard about the Ojai Music Festival for years, but the experience was second to none. I loved it.”

“Wonderful! Not just a great musical experience, but we also found the sense of community really refreshing.”

“I was very glad I came. Some of the music was exquisite, some was excruciating; the ideas were challenging and stimulating; the performances were passionate, inventive and of astounding quality. It stimulated more conversation among my friends than almost any other event I’ve been to!”

Returning Patrons

“Revelatory! What you offered — with Kopatchinskaja at the helm — was an extraordinary experience of music, intellect and emotion.”

“I was enthralled by the selections, the presentation, the rich focus on Eastern European fare, and the esprit de corps. The themes, weighting, transitions, and performance styles were superb, along with the staging – brilliant and simple ideas. I can’t believe I sat entranced through a whole Enescu sonata!”      

“The Festival was even better than the two I’ve attended before, and I didn’t think that was possible. The overall structure and programming created a profound musical experience and I thank everyone involved for providing an extraordinary event.”

“The OMF is the most exciting musical event of the summer! “

“This year’s Festival was emotionally challenging but very satisfying. The thought put into the programming was clearly evident, and the performances were uniformly top-notch.”

“Therapeutic. Love the combination of serious art amidst the magic of Ojai environs.”

“Watching Patricia Kopatchinskaja perform live was the highlight for me. Incredible. I have been following her for a while and she doesn’t tour in the US very often. It was perfect timing that I discovered she would be the music director at the Ojai Music Festival.”  

“I enjoyed the Saturday evening concert with the metronomes – this was like attending a sacred ceremony fraught with complex meanings, and also completely unforgettable.”

“The Festival is one of the highlights of my year. I always meet new and interesting people, including many of the composers and musicians. For example, this year I met and spent time with the Managing Director of the Mahler Orchestra and some of his colleagues.”

“Enlightening, frustrating, mind expanding, irritating, magical & exhilarating! In other words, exactly what I expect from this festival and get every year.”