March 2, 2012
In the concerts of the clarinetist Martin Fröst, the conventional rocks. He put a spell on the Luzern audience.
“Very rarely does the clarient get to establish itself so exaltedly as in Anders Hillborg’s Peacock Tales.
Martin Fröst was the guest of the Luzern Symphony Orchestra with the extrordinary composition on Wednesday and Thursday. The Swede is considered the most complete clarinetist, also visually, with engaging artistic presence and an incomparable technical supremacy. His compatriot Anders Hillborg has written the Peacock Tales in 1998 as if it was tailored specially for him. However, with all the skills required for such experimental art forms, all the forceful soundmaking of the instrument, Fröst expresses his rich clarinet tone and his mastery of frasing most fully in the conventional repertoire: a wonderful example of this being Debussy´s Première Rhapsodie.”

– Neue Luzerner Zeitung