What Does Ojai Mean To You?

Each June for four days, Ojai is bustling with music lovers from all across the country, east to west and north to south. Curious and deeply committed patrons gather to experience provocative, unusual, and sometimes, challenging programs of music that encourage stretching musical expectations. As one patron explained, it’s “an eye opening (and ear opening) revelation.” 

In fact, the number of Festival series subscribers has steadily increased in the last four years, almost 30% each year.

As one patron said in a recent survey: “Continue with bold decisions in modern music and keep the Ojai ambiance exactly as it is.”

To each his or her own. Everyone comes away with something different, something special about Ojai. Recently, we asked several of our patrons, “What Does Ojai Mean to You?” And in our usual, Ojai Festival fashion, they had a lot to say. Watch the video below:

Share your comments – what does Ojai mean to you?