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“This is one of the world’s greatest audiences, with your openness, sense of adventure, and community that is created. With you, the circle is truly unbroken. We are here…together.”

Ara Guzelimian, Artistic and Executive Director

As an audience-supported non-profit organization, the Ojai Music Festival’s livelihood depends on our dedicated audience and donors who come together to make this one-of-a-kind experience succeed year after year.

The Festival continues to be a place where artists are given the latitude to create and try new things alongside one of the most welcoming and engaged audiences to be found anywhere!

Taking artistic risks to realize a vision is not possible without donations. We rely on our donors for 75% of the funding for the Ojai Festival. Your support enables us to give Music Directors the freedom to program works close to their hearts, grants artists a stage on which to make their mark, and it keeps music alive in the Ojai community through music education in schools and free performances for all.

Please join us in supporting the transformative music experiences that delight, challenge, and inspire us all.

A recurring gift is a small expense with a great impact

Benefits of Being a Donor

 Your donation to our Annual Campaign directly supports the Festival’s day-to-day operations.

Funding for Artists

Donating to the Festival today helps support the artists we work with all year, special artistic project development, and helps produce new commissioned works.

BRAVO Today!

BRAVO music education and community programs require support in order to produce the Festival’s yearly internship program, community programming for schools including the spring Music Van, and more!

Year-round content

The Festival doesn’t stop after June. Musical programming, online content, and community building continue year-round in Ojai and beyond.

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