Why I Support the BRAVO! Music Education Program Pt. 2

Judy Vander returns as our guest blogger for the second installment of her post on what it is that makes BRAVO! such a special program. Last time, Judy explained the BRAVO’s several unique workshops; this week she introduces a few of the incredible artists make the program so successful.

Why I Support the BRAVO! Music Education Program

Judy Vander has been a BRAVO! Music Education Program volunteer and friend of the Festival for several years. She is our guest blogger this week as she describes just what it is that makes BRAVO! special.

The Festival Advantage

Each fall, about 15 of my peers who lead the top classical music festivals of the Western United States gather.  This year, we converged in Portland for three days of lively discussion about the future of audiences, role of the Internet in reaching audiences and artists, ways we can collaborate on various projects, and learning …

Rehearsals for Winds of Destiny

Festival Producer and all-around wonderwoman Susan Anderson is in NYC where Dawn Upshaw and Peter Sellars are rehearsing the Winds of Destiny for the Friday Night Concert. Her dispatch: “Wow – is this going well! I will make a later post about how moving and powerful a work this is, and how completely fascinating it …

Tom Morris on Hercules

I was recently in Chicago to attend Handel’s Hercules in a performance at Chicago’s Lyric Opera staged by Peter Sellars. It was amazing. Sellars has a thing about Handel, having staged many of his oratorios and operas including a legendary Theodora at Glyndebourne over ten years ago. I remember the first production I ever saw of …