Ojai North

“It has been a long-held dream of mine to broaden the reach of the Ojai Music Festival. In launching this partnership with Cal Performances – a colleague organization acclaimed for its commitment to musical adventure –  we make this dream a reality.”
-Thomas W. Morris, Artistic Director, Ojai Music Festival

“I have long admired the quality and breadth of programming at the Ojai Music Festival and am thrilled we can collaborate with this beacon of artistic endeavor to bring these concerts to Cal Performances audiences.”
-Matias Tarnolpolsky, Director, Cal Performances

The Festival’s multi-year partnership with Cal Performances in Berkeley, Ojai North,
was inaugurated in 2011. This collaborative effort makes possible annual reprises of Ojai concerts in Berkeley, as well as joint commissions and co-productions. More than just a sharing of resources, Ojai North represents a combining of artistic ideals and aspirations. The combined efforts of Ojai’s legacy of artistic innovation and Cal Performances’ tradition of groundbreaking productions creates a joint force that allows artists to achieve more than could even be imagined by each organization separately.

Join us for the 2014 Ojai North, June 19-21, at Hertz Hall!

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