2018 Newcomer’s Reception Gallery

We always enjoy welcoming new patrons to the Festival. This year we held a Newcomer’s Reception at Porch Gallery in Ojai with wine provided by Cohen Siderow Wine Imports. View photos of the afternoon! 

“[Ojai] – Not just a great musical experience but we also found the sense of community really refreshing.” 


“Amazing: quality of music, performance of artists, conductor’s enthusiasm, ability to relate well to diverse audience and creativity. Volunteers helpful & enjoying their work. Audience appreciative & knowledgeable & eager to share their enthusiasm for the festival.”


“I was amazed that this unique music festival already has more than 70 years! I’m a musician, so I was influenced many approaching of music by Patricia’s ideas and performances. Each concert had different concepts and music styles, and made audiences satisfied. I’m hoping that I’ll be at the Ojai Music Festival in 2019!”