What the Festival Means to Me

The Ojai Music Festival is long known for being a place for experimentation… [continue reading]

Ojai Music Festival Audience Sunday Concert

The Ojai Music Festival is long known for being a place for experimentation, exploration, and interaction. We are in awe of our patrons, returning and new, who share the experience with the artists and community, and equally important, their feedback and insights every year.  We thank you for making the time to share your personal “What the Festival Means to You.” 

It means the joy of discovery and communication through music. It means openness to experience, willingness to engage deeply with something and give it a chance to touch your soul and change you forever…

This is a world-class musical event in a small-town atmosphere, which is a unique and delightful pairing.

The experience of live music in an outdoor setting that is more intimate than a concert hall.

“An inspirational weekend with incredible performers, devoted audience, and unpredictable concerts. We always find something weird and something wonderful throughout the events.”

Patrons entering the bowl before a concert, conversing and smiling

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