2015 Audience Survey Results

The Festival, a place for experimentation and discovery, looks for feedback from our audience after our time together in June. This year, we sent out an electronic audience survey to 1,013 ticket buyers who attended this past Festival, and we received an overwhelming 40% response. For those who participated, we thank you for making the time to share such thoughtful evaluations about your experience.

As we continue to comb through the results and comments, we would like to share some initial findings. Please see below for responses to our survey. We will keep you posted as additional 2016 Festival details become available, and look forward to welcoming you back to Ojai once again.

In the meantime, and to address one area of concern that was raised by many of you, we will be including more space in next year’s Festival schedule for meals, reflection, and connection.


Respondent Geographic Origin
Where audience members are coming from


Respondent Age
Ages of survey respondents



Respondent Tickets
What type of tickets did you purchase?


Respondent New and Returning
Is this your first year at the Festival?


Learning About the Festival
If you are new, how did you hear about the Festival?



Reasons for Support
Why do you donate to the Festival?



Festival Experience
If you are returning, which past Festivals have you attended?


Returning in 2016
Will you be returning for the 2016 Festival with Music Director Peter Sellars?




Survey respondents also shared their memorable moments from the 2015 Festival. Here is a selection from both returning and new ticket buyers. Thank you for participating in our survey!

“…the late afternoon ambiance and the final musical piece of two pianos and two percussionists…soothing to the soul.”

“As first-timers, we anticipated adventure and found it at every event that we attended, however, the free performance of Sila was easily the most memorable of the Festival and among the most memorable of our lifetimes.”

“Conversations with new friends seating next to me, we shared emotions and discoveries.”

“No one thing, just old friends, new music, familiar music in fresh presentations, and walking the trail to the bowl.”

“In the Sunday morning concert, the piece Sulvasutra really got intense – almost like a good Grateful Dead Jam.”

“The John Luther Adams experience in the park on Thursday afternoon was stunning, to be enveloped in the sounds.”

“We don’t resonate to all of contemporary music, but we don’t mind being stretched. What Ojai does provide is many special moments of musical intimacy between the listener and artist such as Messiaen’s Visions de l’amen, Schick’s energetic display of the art of percussion and all of Wu Man’s performances.”

“The whole experience is fascinating and mind expanding, so it’s not any one performance or part, but the whole.”


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