2021 Live Stream Archive

The Ojai Music Festival offers the world beyond Ojai’s Libbey Bowl to experience the music and conversations through its free live streaming.

Viewers can enjoy interviews with artists before each performance with Live Stream hosts Thomas Kotcheff and Sarah Gibson. Also check out the 2021 Program Book and Full Festival Schedule.

2021 Stream Archive

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Full Concerts

Ojai Mix: Prelude to a Festival
THU 9.16 @ 9:00pm

Attacca Quartet with Rhiannon…
FRI 9.17 @ 11:00am

John Adams conducts the Ojai…
FRI 9.17 @ 8:00pm

I Still Play with pianist Timo Andres
SUN 9.19 @ 8:00am

LA Phil New Music Group
SUN 9.19 @ 11:00am

Festival Finale
SUN 9.19 @ 5:30pm


Interview with Dustin Donahue

Interview with Carlos Simon

Interview with Gabriela Ortiz

Interview with Ara Guzelimian

Interview with Miranda Cuckson

Interview with John Adams

Selected Pieces from Concerts

Élégie by Igor Stravinsky

Huitzitl by Gabriela Ortiz

Between Worlds by Carlos Simon

Early to Rise by Timo Andres

Magnolia by Dylan Mattingly

Violin Diptych by S. Adams

Maré by Gabriela Smith

Toot Nipple by John Adams

Alligator Escalator by John Adams

Stubble Crotchet by John Adams

Benkei’s Standing Death by Paul Wiancko

Plan and Elevation by Caroline Shaw

Strum by Jessie Montgomery

Factory Girl (traditional) by Rhiannon Giddens

Koromanti Tune # 2 / Build a House by Rhiannon Giddens

At the Purchaser’s Option by
Rhiannon Giddens

Carrot Revolution by Gabriella Smith

Danse sacrée et danse profane by Claude Debussy

Partita No. 3 Preludio by J.S. Bach | Fog by Salonen

Flow by Ingram Marshall

Running Theme by Timo Andres

Río de las Mariposas by Gabriela Ortiz

To Give You Form And Breath by inti figgis-vizueta

Hallelujah Junction by John Adams

Objets Trouvés by Esa-Pekka Salonen

Sunt Lacrime Rerum by Dylan Mattingly

2021 Live Stream Schedule

THU Sept 16, 2021 – Stream begins 8:45pm

  • 8:45pm – Welcome
  • 9:00pm – Ojai Mix: Prelude to a Festival

FRI Sept 17, 2021Stream begins 10:45am

  • 10:45am – Interview with Dustin Donahue
  • 11:00am – Attacca Quartet with Rhiannon Giddens

FRI Sept 17, 2021 – Stream begins 7:45pm

  • 7:45pm – Interview with Carlos Simon
  • 8:00pm – John Adams conducts the Ojai Festival Orchestra

SAT Sept 18, 2021 – Stream begins 10:15am

  • 10:15am – Interview with John Adams
  • 10:30am – Pianist Víkingur Ólafsson in recital

SAT Sept 18, 2021 – Stream begins 7:45pm

  • 7:45pm – Interview with Miranda Cuckson
  • 8:00pm – They’re Calling Me Home (Rhiannon Giddens and friends)

SUN Sept 19, 2021 – Stream begins 7:45am

  • Welcome
  • 8:00am – I Still Play (Timo Andres, piano)

SUN Sept 19, 2021 – Stream begins 10:45am

  • 10:45am – Interview with Gabriela Ortiz
  • 11:00am – LA Phil New Music Group

SUN Sept 19, 2021 – Stream begins 5:15pm

  • 5:15pm – Interview with Ara Guzelimian
  • 5:30pm – Festival Finale with John Adams, Víkingur Ólafsson, Rhiannon Giddens, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO)