2021 Festival Schedule


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Ojai Mix – Prelude to a Festival 
9pm | Libbey Bowl

Miranda Cuckson, violin | Amy Schroeder, violin | Nathan Schram, viola | Anna Margules, recorder | Joanne Pearce Martin, piano | Vicki Ray, piano | Attacca Quartet  

STRAVINSKY   Elegie   
Gabriela ORTIZ   Huitzitl 
Carlos SIMON   Between Worlds 
Timo ANDRES   Early to Rise 
Dylan MATTINGLY   Magnolia  
Samuel ADAMS    Violin Diptych  
Gabriella SMITH   Maré 



Ojai Views

8am, Soule Park

Chumash stories with Chumash Elder Julie Tumamait-Stenslie 

Attacca Quartet with Rhiannon Giddens
11am | Libbey Bowl

Rhiannon Giddens, vocalist | Attacca Quartet 

John ADAMS   Selections from Book of Alleged Dances 
Paul WIANCKO   Benkei’s Standing Death 
Caroline SHAW   Plan and Elevation 
Jessie MONTGOMERY   Strum 
Rhiannon GIDDENS   Factory Girl 
Rhiannon GIDDENS   Build a House 
Rhiannon GIDDENS   At the Purchaser’s Option 
Gabriella SMITH   Carrot Revolution 


Ojai Talks
3pm | Redemption Church

Sessions will include conversations with Music Director John Adams and Festival composers along with special performances


John Adams conducts the Ojai Festival Orchestra 
8pm | Libbey Bowl

Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash Elder | Miranda Cuckson, violin | Timo Andres, piano |Emily Levin, harp | John Adams, conductor | Ojai Festival Orchestra

Chumash Welcome 
DEBUSSY   Danse sacrée et danse profane  
Samuel ADAMS    Chamber Concerto    West Coast Premiere  
Esa-Pekka SALONEN   FOG 
Ingram MARSHALL   Flow  
Timo ANDRES    Running Theme 



Ojai Dawns
| Zalk Theatre, Besant Hill School 

Anna Margules, recorder 

Mario LAVISTA  Ofrenda
Gabriela ORTIZ   Huitzitl
Manuel ROCHA  Trama de tramas
Arturo FUENTES   Toro Mariposa
Gabriela ORTIZ Canto en Soledad
Alejandra HERNÁNDEZ.   Vuelos
Gabriela  ORTIZ.  Canto a hanna

This concert is a donor/subscribers receive priority access


Pianist Víkingur Ólafsson in recital
11am | Libbey Bowl

Vikingur Ólafsson, piano

Music by Philip Glass, Debussy, Rameau, and Mozart


Dusk Concert
4:30pm | Zalk Theatre, Besant Hill School 

Miranda Cuckson, violin 

Anthony CHEUNG  Character Studies Mvnt one – Dramatis Personnae, Mvnt two – untitled
Dai FUJIKURA  Prism Spectra
J.S. BACH. D Minor Partita No.2. Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, & Gigue
Kaija SAARIAHO   Frises

This concert is a donor/subscribers receive priority access


They’re Calling Me Home 
8pm | Libbey Bowl

Rhiannon Giddens, vocalist  | Francesco Turrisi, multi-instrumentalist 

Having spent the past year away from in-person concerts, Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi found themselves drawn to the music of their native and adoptive countries of America, Italy, and Ireland. The result is their latest album, They’re Calling Me Home, which speaks of the longing for the comfort of home as well as the metaphorical “call home” of death, which has been a tragic reality for so many throughout the past year.  





I Still Play
8am | Libbey Bowl

Timo Andres, piano 

Philip GLASS Evening Song No2 
Nico MUHLY  Move 
Timo ANDRES Wise Words 
Steve REICH For Bob 
Louis ANDRIESSON Rimsky or La Monte Young 
Laurie ANDERSON Song for Bob 
Donnacha DENNEHY Her Wits (About Him) 
Brad MEHLDAU LA Pastorale 
John ADAMS I Still Play 
Samuel  ADAMS  Impromptus  
Gabriella SMITH  Imaginary Pancake 


LA Phil New Music Group 
11am | Libbey Bowl

Emily Levin, harp | Julie Smith Phillips, harp | LA Phil New Music Group 

Gabriela ORTIZ. Rió de las Mariposas
inti figgis-vizueta To give you form and breath  
John ADAMS Hallelujah Junction 
Esa-Pekka SALONEN Objets Trouvés   First Concert Perfomance 
Dylan  MATTINGLY Sunt Lacrimae Rerum (these are the tears of things)    World Premiere  / A co-commission of the Ojai Music Festival and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association


Family Concert – Free and Open to the Public
3pm | Sarzotti Park 

Julie Tumamait-Stenslie | BRAVO education program 

Spend the afternoon enjoying music of Gabriela Ortiz and learning of Chumash Stories and Songs with the Festival’s BRAVO education program  


Festival Finale
5:30pm | Libbey Bowl

Rhiannon Giddens, vocalist | Víkingur Ólafsson, piano |  John Adams, conductor | Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO)

Carlos SIMON  Fate Now Conquers  
MOZART  Piano Concerto no. 24 K491  
John ADAMS Am I in Your Light (from Dr Atomic 
John ADAMS Consuelo’s Dream (from I was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I saw the sky)
Gabriela ORTIZ La Calaca   World Premiere of revised version 

Programs and artists are subject to change. 

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